myBBC: Action and Bundles


Nonfictions for the BBC has been developed to keep users up-to-date BBC content that the user desires to follow. A study of how to further develop notifications was conducted to find out what advanced notification features users would like to have added to the current instalment to help streamline their experience on the BBC website.


For this BBC project I was responsible for making an interactive prototype from another designer's specification. The prototype showcases a pan BBC feature that would give users the ability to see their list of notifications, edit and download content without leaving the notification panel.

The prototype needed to be done for both mobile and desktop. Furthermore, the prototypes were presented at a Creative Leader Management (CLM) to all the creative director.


Adobe Illustrator,

Development (Process)

Prototype Mockup

I began the task by consulting with the mid-weight UX Designer to see how they imagined their concept to be shaped as an interactive prototype. In terms of functionality, animation and interactive elements. I had to study her sketches, mock-ups and user journey flows to understand how shape the concept into an interactive piece.

The prototype was created with This service gave me the ability to fine tune the prototype's interactions and animations, whereby bring the mid-weight UX Designer's concept to life.

Delivery (outcome) - Interactive Prototypes

Personal Refection

While working on this project I was able to work on a 3 week sprint that gave an opportunity to use agile practices to utilise feedback in a dynamic way.