Co-Garden is a design service that challenges the lack of availability of green spaces for the public spaces in central London. The aim was to find ways to provide awareness to the problem that we are facing, as well as offering a solution for allowing anyone to have their own personal green space.


For this MA project I was part of a team of 5 to research a selected area of London, to learn about the area's history,... This team consisted of a product designer, UX designers, Nero scientist and an engineer.

The project was separated into two parts, a team research investigation and a self driven development.


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After effects, Adobe Premier, carpentry

Part 1: Group Investigation


From our initial research we discovered that Jacobs island is a place that has lots of interesting history that helped form parts of London, but in it present state it is as equally interesting as it's past.

From the research stage of the project my team and I were uncovering history, local resident knowledge and learning about the residential disputes. This helped us to converge our focus on the residential relationships between the people living on the boats and those who live in private accommodation on land. Due to the physical separation between the two types of residents there is an invisible division between the two.

Discovery: Research

The first steps that my team and I took for researching our selected are was to visit the location during the day and also at night time. We wanted to just observe the surroundings to learn how the area operates and what activities take place.

Since the team had a diverse range of skills we give each other certain objectives to cover a wider space much more quickly. This helped up to gather first-hand resources such as, interviews from local residents, historical background knowledge and future development plans for the area.

Delivery: Group Research Presentation

We presented our research findings back to our class to show what we have discovered during our 3 day exploration. The presentation consisted of a video with narration explaining more in-depth details

Part 2: Independent Work

Development: Process

From the research that I gathered from the group research stage I was able to decide on a specific area to focus on for my independent development stage. Since there was an invisible division between two types of residents and I wanted to focus my interest on this area to find a way to bring the both communities and the general public together.

My ideas consisted of sociable portable spaces that allowed anyone to socialise in a public space. My ideas ranged from tree statues that light up when it senses motion to a portable garden space.

Delivery (Outcome: Product)

Portable garden service

Since languages are complicated forms it was important to diverge with many ideas and to treat each one equally. They could be

Testing (installation)

To test out my final product I took it out to the original location where my team and I first did our research, Jacob's Island. In different spaces in Jacob's Island I created a pop-up installation with the portable garden and waited for people to interact with it. The installation went very well, as the general public interacted with the product in various ways, sitting on it, standing on it and rearranging the flowers that were places on the product.

Part 3: Personal Refection

While working on this project I had the great pleasure of collaborating with people from different professional background and how we all utilised each other's strong points to learn about our subject. It was very enjoyable taking the research from the group stand and using it for the independent development stage, where I thought of many different solutions, but in the end choosing the one that would benefit both individuals and groups.