Sweet Coupon


Sweet Coupon is a reward service for the digital generation to encourage customers to eat and shop at local places in their area. A customer is given a point via a QR code voucher when they spend a certain amount at participating venue.

Do to the increase of Digital consumption and the growth in local delivery services the hyper local communities are finding it increasingly challenging to keep up with large established businesses. Therefore, a service to encourage the unique experiences of shopping and eating locally is the key catalyst for Sweet Coupon.


As the only UX designer for the company, I had to lead the project's research and UX design vision. I had to collaborate with developers, sale team and a project manager to developer a product that meets our user's needs. To help build awareness for our service I also had to do some marketing to advertise new features and to gain new clients.


Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Invision

Part 1: Ideation

Cultural Research

Learning about South Korea's social shopping habits helped me to understand how to develop a service that would be able to fit within their life style. We also used social media to gather user feedback on the existing service to see where we can improve.

Our service is built upon the relation with our clients (restaurant and store owners) therefore, we needed to find out what they want to gain from our service and how it can help them increase their customer traffic.

All of the user and client research was mapped out on a wall to learn about each type of users' journey, when they use our service and to see where we need to improve for our next version of the service.

Development (Process)

Norito is a media agency focusing on fashion, food and culture. Based in the UK with the focus of bringing unique content to users based in the UK and South Korea.

I had the pleasure of being in charge of constructing the new brand identity for the company, from logo design to video visuals. Since the company has employees in many different places and also covering many different media formats, consistency is very important to protect the brand image. Therefore, I was able to create the companies own brand guidelines from all the media formats such as print, photography, video and web. Furthermore, I have a big part in the user experience (UX) to make sure that the users’ experiences with Norito is an enjoyable one.

Wireframe Sketches

Selecting 3 ideas to build upon

Design Markup

Delivery (Outcome: Product)

Application 3.0

The new version of the application was released for both iOS and Android, which was met with positive reviews from the users and clients. For the new version of the application we focused on improving the core features of the service, QR point scanning, coupon service and store rewards.

Part 2: Post delivery: Marketing and Branding

Social marketing

To reach our consumers who were mainly university students we thought that it would be a good idea to target them through social media. This allowed us to be dynamic and change strategy if one of our plans didn't go well. Due to our company's relationship with neighboring universities we could perform small marketing trails before expanding.

We hosted competitions in conjunction with our clients by getting our consumers to take selfies in client stores. As well as hosting monthly deals at participating stores to help build awareness for their business.

Client marketing

It was important to grow our client based to appeal to a broader audience. Therefore, I worked with the sales team to create a brochure to help explain the service that we offer and how the client will benefit when collaborating with us.

Part 3: Personal Refection

While working on this project I had the fantastic opportunity to learn and interact with a different culture and people. It helped me to think in a different way in how I can solve problems, by learning more about the user before creating a solution,