Tonelingual is a product that uses shapes, colours and technology to teach users Chinese Mandarin in an interactive way. The idea was developer after experimenting How Design and can assist with language education.

In the UK 75% of adult doubt know foreign language to a conversation level, which will hinder opportunities to learn about other cultures and to create business ties. Therefore, it was in my interest to find a solution to help create interest or assist people who want to learn a foreign language.

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GEL Collider Desktop

Collider is framework that can be used by developer and designers. The Collider desktop application that brings code to designers in an accessible way by letting designers use the reusable components from the Component Library to rapidly build prototypes with real data.

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myBBC Actions and Bundles

Nonfictions for the BBC has been developed to keep users up-to-date BBC content that the user desires to follow. A study of how to further develop notifications was conducted to find out what advanced notification features users would like to have added to the current instalment to help streamline their experience on the BBC website.

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GEL Componennt Library

The GEL component library is a platform that encourages product teams such as, iPlayer and News to share and reuse code in the form of components. Developers within the product teams are able to upload their components to the platform by filling out a form with an included iframe sample. The submitted components are all viewable in shop window presented view and all components are linked to their code sources on GitHub for easy implementation.

The aim for the library is to help teams across products to improve their collaboration skills, which is improve usability in terms of accessibility and user experience.

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Sweet Coupon

Sweet Coupon is a reward service for the digital generation to encourage customers to eat and shop at local places in their area. A customer is given a point via a QR code voucher when they spend a certain amount at participating venue.

Do to the increase of Digital consumption and the growth in local delivery services the hyper local communities are finding it increasingly challenging to keep up with large established businesses. Therefore, a service to encourage the unique experiences of shopping and eating locally is the key catalyst for Sweet Coupon.

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Zonar is a service that specialises in offering DIY assistance at a touch of a button. The service was created to help solve a common problem with DIY services by bringing the consumer close to experts that can be hired based on location, consumer ratings and more. The application creates an element of trust by providing chat and review features, which both help to make the DIY service sector more transparent and trustworthy.

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