Apparest - Sweet Coupon

Project summary

Sweet Coupon is a reward service for the digital generation to encourage customers to eat and shop at local places in their area. A customer is given a point via a QR code voucher when they spend a certain amount at participating venue.


Interviews, co-creation, marketing


Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Invision

Problem statement

Due to the increase of Digital consumption and the growth in local delivery services the hyper local communities are finding it increasingly challenging to keep up with large established businesses. Therefore, a service to encourage the unique experiences of shopping and eating locally is the key catalyst for Sweet Coupon.


Cultural Social Investigation

Learning about South Korea's social shopping habits helped me to understand how to develop a service that would be able to fit within their life style. We also used social media to gather user feedback on the existing service to see where we can improve.

Interviews withLocal Shop Clients

To get an understanding of how the product is currently being used the team and I went to visit some of our local shop clients. We found that the service was useful and helped to market their store, but the point system was quite hard to use for both shop owners and students.


Current Application Analysis

Reviewing the existing version of the application to find out what areas users didn't like and how they could be improved in the next version.

Information Architecture

Fine tuning the IA of the old design to be more focused on providing access to awards and store recommendations for users

Wireframe sketches

Creating UI ideas for the new version of the appication, covering the main parts of the IA structure.


High-fi Design

Turning the sketches into high-fi designs to bring in more of the applications identity and to prepare for an interactive prototype

Design Markup

Preparing the designs for the developer to transform it into an iOS and Android application.


Application 3.0 Release

The new version of the application was released for both iOS and Android, which was met with positive reviews from the users and clients. For the new version of the application we focused on improving the core features of the service, QR point scanning, coupon service and store rewards.

Next steps and Personal reflection

Next steps

It is important to get feedback from users by doing user testing with students and local clients who use the service. Furthermore, the CEO has plans to expandthe service to other university spaces to grow the business.

Personal Relection

The end product was received well by the user, both students and store owners. They likes the new structure of the applications and the focus on rewards. I believe to further improve the product user testing should of been done, as well as, creating paper and low-fi prototypes to help the overall team with development.