UAL Website Redesign

Project summary

A digital transformation project to migrate and update the 3 year old website from scratch by using, mobile, accessibility and performance first methodologies.


Focus groups, Card sorting, Guerrilla testing, Lab testing, data analyse


Figma, Google analytics, Hotjar

Problem statement

With a strong increase in mobile user activity and the large amount of contact published on UAL's website the old platform wasn't able to cope with the increasing amount of activity.

HMW create a mobile, accessibility and performance first product, create a seamless experience for content creators and create UAL's first design system that can scale beyond this product.


User Personas Evaluation


Kick-off meeting: UAL Digital and Agency

A kick off meeting with UAL's Digital team and the hired agency (Squiz) to ideate and formulise a road map on developing the backend and front end of the website. The session consisted of competitor analysis, Information Architecture, Component requirements and taxonomy.

Focus sessions: Students

Working along side an agency who provide assistance with doing quantitative focus sessions with students on their ideal website services.

Focus sessions: Academics and UAL Staff


User Requirements and Component audit

An audit of existing and required components for the new website was conducted to help the UX and development team to prepare for the first stage of development.

Design system: Kick off meeting



Information Architecture

A new IA was created to focus on maximising the amount of traffic to course pages. We identified the 3 areas that lead users to course pages which are Subjects, Courses, Colleges and Institutions.



Stakeholder Meeting


Feedback Documentation and Next Steps



Sketch Component Audit

Sketches of components were created based on the audit.

Design system creation

It was important to establish a design system that can set a standard for all UAL digital products. Emphasising the importance of mobile, accessibility and performance first values. Therefore, we built the UAL design system from the ground up with atomic design methodologies.

Design system project

Website Template Designs

Creating templates for level 1, 2, 3 ,4, landing pages, as well as specialty pages such as, profiles, courses pages and more.

Guerrilla testing: Beta Release

Guerrilla testing was held to gain feedback from various user types such as, prospective students, current students and staff members. The tests were done to validate the change in the AI made sense, the new navigation component was useful, responsive design and components.


Lab testing: Released website

The new website was released on July 5th and has received positive reviews from students, academics and staff members. The new website is a platform to inform, educate, entertain and celebrate UAL as a leader in the Art and Design industry.

Figma Talk


Figma publication


Read Article


Lab testing - Post release

On the day of release the UX team facilited a lab testing session with students and staff members. The feedback was positively received and feedback on further improvements was documented for the BAU phase of the project.

Google Analytics and Hotjar

With Google Analytics the traffic has remained stable, which is very good when a new CMS and IA has been introduced to an existing product.

Next steps and Personal reflection

Next steps

The UX team plans to continue improving the experience by intrating the last two systems (Elements and Akari) to fully complete the transfer to the new CMS platform. BAU tasks will start to fine tune certain parts of the websites. Furthermore, we aim to continue encouraging stakeholders from different departments to be involved with each stages of the future development for this product and other products that are part of the Digital team's portfolio.

Personal Relection

It has been a great pleasure to work on a project that will be used my many types of users. The learnings for with making the new website has helped on how to pursue other projects and to get other stakeholders involved during the process. The Vice Chancellor and University board members has praised how well the website works on mobile and has solved the problems that existed with the previous website. I will continue to work closely with my team to fine tune the experience for existing and future users.