Toymation: Whack-a-Tobi

Project summary

Whacka-Tobi is a game that brings in Japanese pop culture through character designs and applies it to a fun game that is able to be enjoyed by users of all ages.

Methods & Tools

Methods: Concept art, consultation, user testing, competitor analysis

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Sketching, Flash

Yea and Duration

2009, 2 months


Concept Artist, Designer and UX Designer

Challenge Statement

The challenge was to create an promotional interactive gave for customers to play online via the company's website store or at offline events and to give customers the opportunity to win prizes.


Client presentation of concept


Game Concept Ideation


Competitor Analysis


Concept Outline



Client presentation of concept


Game Plot

"The evil Tobi and Co have taken over the Toymation warehouse and stopping the flow of deliveries to their customers. Whack'em out with your selected weapon and bring peace to the warehouse once again"

Concept Development

Building on the characters style and weapons for the game

Game Mechanic Development

Building the game play mechanics, animations and scoring system for the game

Scenes and Story Development

Creating the environmental scene around the core game concept 'wack-a-mole'


Further Concept Development


High-fi Scene Development



Animation the environments and characters


Flash Game


Release Offline and Online

The game was released to the public through offline and online methods. The overall feedback from the customers and client was very positive.

User Testing

A small user testing session with customers from the store allow us test out the game play and observe how the user play the game.

Changes to the difficulty and hit box were changed due to the feedback from the user testing.

Next steps and Personal reflection

Personal Relection

Since this was one of the first games that I have developed with my team mate the overall process went smoothly. We were able to create a brief, ideate, develop and deliver on the set requirement, which allowed us to produce a polished product for the store's customers.

The game has been used in many ways such as, offline and online competitions to win prizes, but also for casual play for customers at the store or events.

Next steps

From the experience of creating this game it would be a great opportunity to try making another, but with a different gameplay mechanic. This will allow myself to explore different genre types and to try out different user experience methodologies in a game environment.