Digital Application

Project summary

A digital Tonelingual experience created to assist users learning Chinese Mandarin who want to learn sounds, visuals and touch.


Student surveys, User personas, user testing, Information Architecture, Wireframes


Figma, Realtime Board, Java

Problem statement

HMW create a digital experience of Tonelingual that brings the unique teaching aspects of shapes and colours to the digital space? Furthermore, creating opportunities of personalisation for each user.


User persona

User personas were created and used to find out the needs and wants for students, parents and teachers when learning or teaching languages. These personas helped to direct the development of the product and to from clarity on what the main goal is for Tonelingual's digital application.

Competitor Analysis

By conducting competitor analysis one is able to see what methods and directions have been used to create a digital language application. Furthermore, each competitor has a different approach to providing the best language development solution for their users, which means Tonelingual need to clear show it's on unique selling point (USP).


User journey map

The user journey make for each user helps to create insights on each user types aim for using the application.

Information Architecture

With the user journey maps on each users' key reasons for using the service, an information architecture has been constructed to provide an overview of the structure of the application, database connections and interaction types.

Wireframes and storyboards

Sketches of the application helped to visualise the each screen from the information architecture (IA), as well as create a step by step storyboard on certain interactions that a user will encounter during their experience.


High-fi prototyping

High-fi designs were developed to further visualise the vision of the application, but most importantly to prepare the assets for being used to develop the Android application with Android studio.

Android development

I am currently developing the application for Android in Java through the Android Studio IDE. This project has given me the opportunity to develop skills in the engineering space, which are transferable to future projects, improves communication skills between developers and to engage in new technology spaces.


Android Application

A preview of the Android application has been produced and is currently been tested with a small amount of users through guerrilla testing to gain valuable feedback to help further develop the product and to check that the users' needs are still in focus.

(This is an interactive Figma prototype)

Next steps and Personal reflection

Next steps

The development of Tonelingual's application has show strong promise and has proven to be a positive addition to the Tonelingual product range. Since this is being natively created for Android there are still a lot of development going forth, but the main MPVs will soon be completed to allow for a wider range of user testing to be conducted.

There are plans in place to merge the physical products with this digital application to demonstrate the benefits of mixed space learning for languages. More of this will be explained in a separate product study within this website.

Personal Relection