Starter Kit

Project summary

Creating a starter kit for beginner Chinese language leaners, to assist with learning the language with shapes, colours and technology.


User testing


Illustrator, InDesign, Figma, 3D modelling, Print

Problem statement

HMW create a language tangible and assist different types of learners, which can be accessible in digital or non-digial formats that comes bundled in a small package?


User Persona

The 3 main user types, children, parents and teachers were used as a starting point to find out how each different user could use tool in the starter kit to meet there needs.

Competitor Analysis

There are existing products and services on the market which are doing similar things to assist different users with using technology and other tools to improve a person's langugae ability.

Student Survey

Gaining real point of views from users is key to direct the kit and to find out what tools should be included in a kit that is intended for beginners.


User journey mapping

Crearting a journey map of way the user could interact with the starter kit shows other protencial areas that other users or even activities being connected.


Tone Shapes

Physical tone shapes are able to be used in various ways, with grammar tiles, with starter booklet, with the digital application and flash cards.

Flash Cards

The interactive flash cards can be used to play certain games, combined with the tone shapes or scanned with a phone to interact with the digital version of the flash card.

Starter Booklet

The starter booklet provides a starting point for new users, to learn about tone system and basics of Chinese in a step by step process.


The application is a downloadable addition that can interact with physical objects such as, tone shapes. It provides additional content and guidance for the user.

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Starter Kit

With the tone shapes, grammar tiles, flash cards, starter booklet and digital application the starter kit services as a complete package for learners beginning their Chinese Mandarin journey.

Next steps and Personal reflection

Next steps

The next stage is to do user testing with the starter kit, by creating and trialing different activities with different users to find out how to fine to the product before production.

Personal Relection

This project has helped to bring together a range of tools into one package that is able to be used by one or more users. It also highlighted the various types of journeys that a user could interact with the kit. During the project it would of be better to do a few rounds of user testing at certain points to verify the tools and journeys, this would result in better time management and validation of the kit.