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Project summary

Nonfictions for the BBC has been developed to keep users up-to-date BBC content that the user desires to follow. A study of how to further develop notifications was conducted to find out what advanced notification features users would like to have added to the current instalment to help streamline their experience on the BBC website.


Methods: Guerrilla testing, Product demonstration

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, paper,

Year and Duration

2016, 1 month


Junior UX Designer

Problem statement

Notifications for the BBC website has only been out for 4 months and the feedback from the users we good. However, many requests for new feature to improve the users' experiences was delivered by feedback. The requested features were pinned notifications, download, swipe to delete and bundled notifications.


Consultation with UX Archetect

I began the task by consulting with the mid-weight UX Designer to see how they imagined their concept to be shaped as an interactive prototype. In terms of functionality, animation and interactive elements. I had to study her sketches, mock-ups and user journey flows to understand how shape the concept into an interactive piece.

The prototype was created with This service gave me the ability to fine tune the prototype's interactions and animations, whereby bring the mid-weight UX Designer's concept to life.


Wireframe Sketches

Before creating the full featured interactive prototype it was important to create a paper prototype would can bring up issues, which could be difficult to correct in a digital prototype.

Animation Script

The Creative Director wanted the notification feature for the BBC website to gain positive exposure, but also wanted to find a way to educate the users on how to use the new feature. Therefore, an animated video was commissioned to me, which gave me the opportunity to create a script to set the foundations for the animation that I would be creating later.


High-fi design development

The prototype was created with This service gave me the ability to fine tune the prototype's interactions and animations, whereby bring the mid-weight UX Designer's concept to life.

Storyboard Sketches

Due to the notification feature being a new addition to the BBC ecosystem it was advised that an education video should be created to demonstrate what benefits it would have to the user. Therefore, a storyboard was created to outline the scenes for the animation.


Video of Prototype

This video demonstrates how the notification feature would work on the website, whether on mobile or desktop. It shows how similar notifications bundle together and individual notification setting such as pinning and delete.


From the storyboard sketches I was able to create a rough full motion animation was created with full voice over, which was scripted by myself, but with the guidance from the senior UX Designer. This animation was shared with the Creative Director and also provided to an agency who what use the video to make a high-fi version.

Interactive prototype (

The interactive prototype for both mobile and desktop was created to demonstrate how the feature would work for different devices size.

The prototypes were presented at a Creative Leader Management (CLM) meeting to all the creative director to show the upcoming feature and the benefits it will bring to the users.

Personal reflection

Personal Relection

This project has given more the opportnuity to create a fully interactive prototype that can communicate the new ideas on both mobile and desktop. Both click through and full interactive prototypes of very important, but it is also wise to choose the best method based on the type of feedback experience you're trying to create.